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What’s to come…

12 Aug

I’ve decided to give my blog an extreme makeover complete with my first purchased domain (http://nursekama.com)! In addition to my blog, I’ve also created three new pages that will reflect some of my interests which include: tutorials, photography, and recipes.

Over the past several months I’ve had a number of individuals show interest in my ability to utilize and leverage social media. I’ve decided to develop tutorials to assist others (healthcare professionals in particular) on how to utilize these technologies and provide examples of how we could be utilizing them to benefit our professional work. Now, since this is the first time I’ll be creating tutorials (videos, slideshares and the like) it may initially take me some time to post. I’ve got a perfectionist attitude which I’m sure will cause some delay as well. I appreciate any constructive feedback you may have (via comments, emails, or Twitter DMs) to offer as I am hopeful these tutorials will evolve over time to truly benefit the intended audience.

Why photography? I recently listened to a Podcast from CBC Sparks (Episode 42) which shared a heartwarming story about a website featuring daily photos (Photo of the Day) representing an individual’s life (Hugh Crawford) between the years of 1979-1997, equating to approximately 6000 photos. I was very moved by the story and have since then decided to start taking more photos that represent important aspects of my life and posting them on the Internet to share with others.

And lastly, I’ve decided to start posting some of my favourite recipes online in an attempt to organize my vast collection and so that other food-lovers may try them too!

More to come…