Tidal Waves

28 Feb

This week my emotions and thoughts have been all over the place. I’ve gone from being down in the dumps to feeling exhilarated to experiencing periods of bliss and joy. Unfortunately for me these dips and lifts come in waves throughout the day. I desire more periods of neutrality which I often can find on my yoga mat. These emotions are coupled with both negative and positive thoughts about myself and how I interact with my surroundings. Once again I am relieved and feel grounded knowing that I’m not the only one going through this state of turbulence. Phew!

I miss my family/friends and at times, I am exhausted. I frequently find that after the second asana of the day I am recharged and ready to sit and learn more about the human body or hear stories from our teachers. Did I mention how beautiful and amazing the human body is?

Those of us who are allowing ourselves to connect with our experience(s) are vulnerable, and are scared of rejection. I think many of us are very grateful for the safe space that has been provided and for the mutual love, understanding and support. I love my sangha.

Although I’m still battling with my inner dialogue about self-judgment and expectations of how I should be, I am now more conscious of it than I ever have been. I think that’s a large step forward for me.


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