Letting go

23 Feb

It’s 5:40am…we’re walking into darkness listening intently for the sound of crashing waves. My roommate and I arrive to the coast. She suggests taking off my shoes and socks to get really into it. I do it, even though I think its a terrible idea. I’m already here so I might as well. It’s freezing, but she’s right I’m feeling it. We step a few metres away from each other and let go. I repeatedly scream hard, long and loud. I start thinking of the load I’ve been carrying in my body/mind and the internal dialogue that’s been holding me back from being my true self. Damn, does it feel great to finally let it go. The best releases come from standing up proud and sticking my chest out (in tadasana) I’m not afraid. I am good enough.

As we sit back on the beach trying to regain the sensations in our frozen little feet we look out…inhaling new possibilities, exhaling the past. We catch glimpse of a dolphin and laugh hysterically at one another as the sun slowly creeps in and brings a gentle glow to the beach.

Thanks SB for being with me today. Xo

Tips for those adventurous types who wish to relieve stressors/emotional baggage at the beach:
– arrive early (at least 1 hour before sunrise)
– wear warm clothes (layer it up!)
– if you plan on taking off your shoes/socks bring extra socks or warm boots
– write down or reflect on a challenge you’re trying to overcome
– scream like you’ve never screamed before
– give it 110%


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