Let the Teacher Training begin!

19 Feb

Wow… I’ve had an amazing first few days here at Moksha Yoga Teacher Training LA 2013! During this time, I’ve been getting to know the other 60 trainees, the Moksha co-founders, the organizers and a number of experienced teachers who practice at the local studio as well. Since introductions on Day 1, I have felt a bond with the people here. It’s really beautiful. Many of the trainees have expressed, and thankfully, continue to openly express their personal fears about starting this trek. It’s been validating, reassuring, and it has helped me let go of my fears too. Its exciting to sit among my peers, who like me, really want to be here.

I’ve never been in a lecture space where the students are so engaged! This is due to the fact that the teachers are grounded, genuine, passionate and therefore inspiring. As they start to lecture you see a crowd form around them; we’re like children eagerly waiting in anticipation for the next part of the story and clinging on to every last word. Even more illuminating for me is what we’re talking about! We’re discussing such simple things in our everyday world that, in my opinion, we’ve forgotten about and sometimes take for granted. I’m unlearning in some ways, recognizing that these simple things (like breath awareness and ecology) are actually incredibly profound. If we would only spend a little more time paying attention and being present in the here and now.

I’ve also been experiencing a lot of intense emotions, primarily expressed thru tears in my final savansana or during deep discussions with fellow trainees. These tears are an expression of my joy and gratitude. I love my life!

My initial practice in the Moksha Yoga LA studio was devoted to the many people who have made it possible to be here. I would list all of your names but worry that I would probably forget someone! So instead I will just say my “thanks” here and send my love to each and every single one of you.

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